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An insect control company in Mecca is the best solution for you if you suffer from the presence of any type of crawling or flying insects, because the company uses the best types of effective and lethal insecticides that completely eliminate insects permanently, and other materials that completely eliminate insects, in addition to providing To guarantee the customer that it will not appear again, and its prices are considered very cheap and within everyone’s reach, do not wait long and call Al Safa Cleaning and Maintenance Foundation 0555608617 to reach you immediately.

Advantages of a pest control company in Mecca

The advantages of Al-Safa Company , which is considered a leader in pest control in Mecca, are varied and are as follows:

  • It provides its customers with a guarantee certificate to ensure that insects will not appear or return again.
  • It offers low prices to its customers at an appropriate cost so that all customers from different groups and classes can contact it and contract with it.
  • It follows up on a regular basis in all the places where it fights insects to ensure their rapid, complete and final elimination.
  • It has a great ability to combat all types of insects by following modern scientific methods.
  • It has a large team of customer service representatives to quickly respond to all customer communications within 24 hours, as well as all their problems, complaints, and inquiries.
  • It provides its customers with many types of imported and local pesticides approved by the Ministry of Health.
  • Ala Shar uses small and precise pesticides that reach all the places where there are insects, even if they are tiny places that are difficult to see with the naked eye.
  • It is characterized by its good reputation, credibility, integrity and honesty in its work, which makes it the first choice of customers in Jeddah.
  • She adheres to all her appointments with her clients without any delay.

The cheapest pest control company in Mecca

Al-Safa Company is considered the cheapest pest control company in Mecca, in order to provide very cheap prices so that all customers can contract with it of various categories and classes, in addition to providing many huge and great offers and discounts that may reach more than 45%, and daily, weekly, monthly and continuous offers throughout the year. General and others for special occasions and holidays.

In addition to the presence of many payment systems for each customer to choose what suits him, with a convenient installment system to make it easier for customers, especially after the high cost of living, so do not hesitate at all and rush to contact them and contract with them.

In determining their prices, they depend on the area of ​​the place where insects are to be sprayed, the type of insects to be controlled, the number of workers and vehicles used in the insect control process, and the type of insecticides used for extermination.

Pest control company in Mecca
Pest control company in Mecca

The best pest control company in Mecca

Al-Safa Foundation is considered the best company for controlling flying and crawling insects in Mecca, in order to provide the best offers and services for insect control, and to use the strongest materials and pesticides that completely and quickly eliminate all types of insects.

The pest control company in Mecca was able , in a short period, to gain the trust of its customers, which made them share their experiences through its official pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which doubled the number of its users and made it one of the tried and guaranteed pest control companies in Mecca as well.

It is also distinguished by its possession of the latest pesticide spraying devices distinguished by accuracy and speed, and the provision of the best types of pesticides that are safe for the environment and health and imported from abroad, while employing an efficient work team trained to the highest level of professional expertise and high efficiency.

In addition to following modern methods that are safe for the health of its customers and workers in pest control operations, it provides its services at very attractive prices and great offers, while also providing insecticides specially manufactured for respiratory patients.

Methods of pest control in a pest control company in Mecca

Al-Safa Foundation follows many safe methods to quickly get rid of insects, as follows:

  • Carrying out rodent control through the use of different types of traps and toxic baits.
  • Working to combat agricultural insects through the use of fogging and pesticide spraying techniques.
  • Control flying insects by using fumigation and spraying techniques for insecticides.
  • Working to combat other insects inside facilities using chemical barrier techniques and the German barrier as well.

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Types of pesticides in Mecca

Depending on the difference between crawling, flying, and rodent insects, Al-Safa Foundation uses types designated for each type of insect separately to combat them completely and prevent them from appearing again. They are as follows:

  • The first type is pungent pesticides: These are pesticides characterized by their pungent, unbearable smell, but they are characterized by their continuous and effective results, which allow them to be used in open spaces only. A famous example of this is malathin.
  • The second type of pure pesticides: These are insecticides used by a company in their primary form without adding any chemical additives used to combat locusts.
  • The third type of repellent pesticides: These are pesticides that are manufactured from very natural materials, but with colors and scents that repel insects, such as tar, eucalyptus oil, and naphthalene.
  • The fourth type is attractive pesticides: These are pesticides whose nature differs from repellent pesticides because they are distinguished by smells and colors that insects love, which makes them attracted to them because they quickly kill and catch them, such as the cheese used to catch mice and the sugary solution used to catch flies.
  • The fifth type is toxic pesticides: These are pesticides that cause the death of insects as soon as they come into contact with them or taste them, because they are mixed with the food of the insect to be exterminated, such as nicotine, arsenic compounds, and methyl bromide gas.
  • The sixth type is organic pesticides: These are pesticides whose effect begins when they reach the insect’s digestive tract, resulting in its immediate death, such as Diptrex.
  • The seventh type is odorless pesticides: These are pesticides that are considered to have a simple effect and are used to combat flying insects such as mosquitoes and flies.
  • The eighth type: toxic baits: These are toxic substances that are combined with the insect’s food in order to destroy it as soon as it touches or tastes it. These baits are used to completely exterminate cockroaches, locusts, and ants.

Pest control company numbers in Mecca

There are many means of communication that the company provides to its customers, such as calling Al Safa Cleaning and Maintenance Establishment 0555608617 , sending a message to the company’s email, sending WhatsApp, Telegram, or Imo messages, or calling the hotline and customer service to respond immediately to all of its customers’ communications.

Or check out its official pages on the various social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or go to the company’s headquarters to learn closely about all its services, offers, and discounts, and choose the appropriate one for you.

The largest pest control company in Mecca

Our company is considered the largest pest control company in Mecca, as it is a great symbol in the field of pest control, and has proven its efficiency, worthiness and superiority in a very short time, in addition to having long experience in this field of more than 20 years.

Therefore, do not hesitate at all and immediately contact it to contract with it and benefit from all its discounts, offers and discounts.

In conclusion… a pest control company in Mecca is considered the best pest control company in Mecca and Saudi Arabia as a whole, because it has a very long experience in that field, exceeding 20 years, which places it in the ranks of pest control companies in Jeddah, and it exterminates all types of insects, including cockroaches. Bugs, termites, Persian ants, rodents, mice, and all kinds of harmful insects and reptiles as well, using the finest materials and insecticides that are very effective in quickly eliminating insects. Call now and leave the rest to us.